5 Awesome Things That Can Happen When You Post Something Great to Your Company Blog


Next to balancing the books and filing taxes, writing and posting posts to the company blog is about the closest that most business owners and managers get to doing “homework” in their working lives. It’s something they know they have to do to attract more traffic and customers online, but who has the time and inclination to face an empty document?

Still, if you can commit to a steady diet of blogging, the habit can grow to something that has a powerful long-term effect on your online marketing and search engine optimization campaigns. In fact, here are five awesome things that can happen when you post something great to your company blog:

1. You can attract better search engine traffic. So-called “long tail” searches are more important than ever, because customers are becoming more sophisticated in the way they find vendors. Blog posts are a great way to win more searches for your biggest and most important keywords, but also the long-tail phrases that are harder to target directly.

2. Someone could republish your content and link back to your site. This is one of the best things you can hope for, since it not only improves your search engine positioning, but also builds more credibility for your company. Plus, having your blog posts published elsewhere introduces your business to a whole new set of readers that you might not have been able to find otherwise.

3. What you write could convince someone to buy from you. Another upside to sharing your perspective and opinions is that a potential buyer just might learn more about your products, or happen to strongly agree with what you say. In either case, it could be enough to convince them to pick up the phone, request more information, or even buy one of your products.

4. You could get feedback that brings you closer to your customers. Sometimes, the most valuable part of your blog post isn’t in what you write, but in what you get back from it. That’s because customers who are interested might decide to share their own opinions or perspectives — insight that could lead you to a new marketing idea or way to improve your business.

5. Your blog post could turn into a series, a magazine article, or a book. Very frequently, getting started with a few ideas leads you to the realization that you have more to say than you thought you did. Who knows? There might be a series of blog posts, business journal column, or even a book inside of you!

As great as all of these blogging benefits are, you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common: to take advantage of any of them, you have to start blogging on a regular basis, and producing quality content in the process.

If you are like most of our clients, however, you might not be a fantastic writer, or even have the time to find out if you are or not. That’s where an experienced business web design and online marketing team can come in. Talk to us today about turning your blog into a powerful tool. Whether you just need help smoothing out some of your content, or keeping the project moving for you, we can help.